We have many projects under tender and are looking for a broad range of consultants. Please send your CV on E-mail consult@fcganzdec.co.nz if you want to be considered, and we will come back to you as soon as possible. We prefer if you use the following  CV format – Template_CV

Call for Experts – DFID Climate, Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihoods Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services (CEIL PEAKS) Framework Agreement

Under the PEAKS CEIL Framework Agreement with DFID, FCG ANZDEC provides consulting services for assignments in DFID’s priority programme countries across Africa and Asia.

Currently FCG ANZDEC is looking for international experts, who have extensive knowledge and sectoral expertise in the fields of climate change, agriculture, environment, and livelihoods, to fill gaps on potential assignments. These experts would be deployed on a call down basis. Call down requests are processed through DFID’s Evidence on Demand network – a consortium of consulting firms, NGOs and academic institutions, led by DAI/HTSPE and IMC Worldwide. Support to be provided would include programme design and development, business case development, and technical advice on new and innovative thinking and products. International consultants with strong DFID experience, who are interested in potential assignments and who would be able to make themselves available on short notice for call down requests, are encouraged to register their CVs. Suitably qualified female candidates, as well as candidates with DFID experience in Africa and in the following areas are particularly welcome to apply:

• Agriculture and agriculture economics
• Climate change and adaption
• Environment
• Livelihoods
• Social development
• Gender
• Nutrition
• M&E

Additionally, consultants should have experience in value for money measures, political analysis, institutional governance and theories of change.