Our team

FCG ANZDEC is well regarded for its excellent record in project management. We attribute this success to our robust and reliable systems which are scaleable according to project size, and which are subject to close monitoring for continuous improvement. FCG ANZDEC manages the entire project lifecycle by identifying project and client requirements, and balancing the competing demands of scope and scale, time, cost, and quality. Each project is assigned a Project Manager to ensure total quality control and facilitate smooth progress according to the project plan. The Project Manager works closely with the Team Leader in the field and manages the administrative support from our Auckland head office. With the benefits of advanced information and communication technology, the ability to manage a consulting team from our Auckland head office has been made easier and more cost-effective. The Project Manager is also responsible for liaising with the client to ensure the team is on track, address any issues and negotiate variations to the contract.

Our approach

FCG ANZDEC initiatives are characterized by three features: innovative thinking, practical recommendations, and smooth project management.  Virtually all FCG ANZDEC facilitated projects are implemented via participatory planning approaches. We embrace the overriding importance of involving the target beneficiaries and stakeholders in the process of project planning and implementation. In all our projects, we seek to maximize local participation and ownership of projects because we feel that local support, understanding and participation guarantee sustainable progress long after a project is completed. Our history of successful collaboration with local companies has contributed to our reputation of excellence in project implementation and management.

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