ADB: Greater Mekong Subregion Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project – PPCR Component in Cambodia

ANZDEC’s team of consultants is in the process of preparing the Draft Final Report for the project preparation technical assistance (PPTA). The PPTA will prepare the proposed climate change adaptation activities as additional financing to the Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project in Koh Kong and Mondulkiri provinces in Cambodia. In both provinces in Cambodia, temperatures are rising and severe rainfall events increasing. The key climate change related stresses include increased incidence of drought as well as flash floods and extended heat waves. These climate change trends already exert additional pressures on both livelihoods and biodiversity and the PPTA will design measures to develop climate resilience. Many of the villages close to protected areas are situated in micro-watersheds and it is proposed to complement initiatives to improve water resources and encourage more efficient water usage techniques in agricultural production systems by working with communities to implement measures within the micro-watersheds that protect natural resources and biodiversity, improve soil conditions and prevent erosion, and harvest rainwater resources to assist rain fed crop production, with a focus on the poorer households.

The sub-projects include: Coastal Climate Change Mitigation Model Andoung Tuek Commune, Community Based Production Forestry Model Srae Preah Village, Forest Border Climate Resilient Rice Production Model Srae Chrey Village, and Rainwater Harvesting and Climate Resilient Home Garden Productivity Model Srae I Village. The final workshop is planned for early December 2013.