ANZDEC redesigns operations to further improve performance and increase value to the stakeholders

ANZDEC is a New Zealand based development consulting company, a pioneer and forerunner in sustainable agriculture development and natural resources management in Asia and the Pacific. ANZDEC belongs to the Finish Consulting Group (FCG) which represents Nordic knowledge and skills in areas of environment and natural resources, infrastructure, renewable energies as well as healthcare and education. Reflecting this connection, ANZDEC is called FCG ANZDEC effective 04 February 2014. To lead this initiative, FCG ANZDEC has appointed Ms Ana Ilic as the Chief Executive Officer.
Since its establishment 40 years ago, FCG ANZDEC’s strengths and capabilities have been developed across agriculture and natural resources management, covering agribusiness, rural development, coastal and marine resources management, forestry, fisheries, and water resources management. In the future FCG ANZDEC aims at reinforcing capability in traditional sectors and increasing focus on the cross-cutting issue of climate change as well as education. FCG ANZDEC also aims to be a key player in transferring New Zealand agriculture expertise to the emerging markets.
Our main clients include bilateral and multilateral development agencies such as the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, New Zealand Aid Programme, Australian Agency for International Development, and the United Nations agencies, as well as governments of different developing countries. The future interest will be to increase engagement with the traditional clients as well as to extend engagement with the new ones.
Geographic focus will remain to be Asia and the Pacific, as part of which a representative office and hub in the South and South East Asia will be established. This highlights the new strategy, where New Zealand remains as the home of the company, but local presence and skills in the client markets are strengthened. FCG ANZDEC will focus on cooperation with the other FCG-group companies in Asia, where World Bank and Asian Development Bank are the main financiers of the projects.