FCG ANZDEC to provide Agricultural Technical Assistance in Rwanda and Ethiopia


FCG ANZDEC is delighted to implement a new agricultural technical assistance project for the New Zealand Aid Programme in Rwanda and Ethiopia, in partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI).

The goal of the activity is to reduce the burden of childhood malnutrition through the production, promotion and uptake of nutritious, locally produced complementary foods for 6-23 month olds and nutritional supplements for pregnant and lactating women. To achieve this goal, CHAI is working with small holder farmers, cooperatives and unions to increase the quantity and quality of maize and soya yields.

Through the New Zealand Aid Programme, FCG ANZDEC will provide technical assistance to contribute to a reliable supply of local crop inputs for the factory that will produce the complementary foods. More specifically, FCG ANZDEC’s team will provide technical assistance to CHAI, local agriculture extension trainers and government extension providers to strengthen farmer training programmes and provide technical information to farmers unions and cooperatives about the costs and benefits of investing in agricultural planting, harvest and post-harvest technology.

We look forward to working with the New Zealand Aid Programme and CHAI on this project.