Newsletter – May 2013

Dear partners and colleagues,  This year ANZDEC celebrates 40 years of working in the development consultancy, supporting the developing countries in poverty alleviation, economic strengthening, and becoming climate resilient and sustainable societies. ANZDEC has so far implemented around 450 projects, always with the focus on quality outputs and satisfaction of the client.


Highlights of the first quarter of 2013 include:

Cambodia: Greater Mekong Subregion Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project – Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Component, ADB, 2013    ANZDEC initiated the PPTA in April to prepare the proposed climate change adaptation activities as additional financing to the Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project in Koh Kong and Mondulkiri provinces in Cambodia.


This will be achieved by augmenting activities in the target communes with proposed climate change adaptation activities (primarily infrastructure construction) that assist communities to develop resilience to climate change and reduce their dependence on unsustainable forest product exploitation. The consulting services commenced in April 2013 and are planned to end in July 2013. The inception report was submitted and the workshop is scheduled for May 2013.


Pacific Regional: Strengthening Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific, Phase 2, ADB, 2011—2015     ANZDEC is the Program Management Consultant (PMC) for this regional policy and advisory technical assistance which aims to strengthen the management of coastal and marine resources in the Pacific Coral Triangle. ADB hosted the 2013 Project Implementation Review and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Workshop on 23–26 April 2013 at their headquarters in Manila.

The Workshop outputs include a tabular summary of key accomplishments versus targets, priority activities and milestones for 2013, assessment of progress to date and the lessons learned/challenges and issues encountered. Philippines: Camiguin Coastal Resource Management Project, Phase 2, Management Service Consultant, NZ Aid Programme, 2012—2014    ANZDEC is implementing Phase Two which involves developing capacity of government, businesses, and communities in maintaining sustainable conservation-based economic enterprises. The Project embarked on a process of enterprise selection, business proposal making, capacity building and operationalization of enterprises. So far, six enterprises in the fields of eco-tourism, agriculture, and fishery have been identified, initiated, and established.


Study Tour in New Zealand – Part of the ADB Agricultural Development Strategy Implemented by Agrifood Consulting International Limited, 2013    ANZDEC supported Agrifood Consulting International of the United States to implement a study tour in New Zealand. A delegation of high officials from Nepal visited New Zealand between 25 February and 05 March 2013 to learn about the successful experiences in the agricultural development of New Zealand.

The delegation met with the representatives of the private business, farmer associations, and government departments. They also met with the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Honourable Jim Bolger, who is lending his support to the project. Supporting Climate Resilience in Value Chains under the Climate, Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihoods Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services Framework Contract, DFID, 2013    ANZDEC’s Consultant conducted an in-depth examination of the three value chains: coffee in Ethiopia and Rwanda; tea in Kenya and Bangladesh; and cotton in Tanzania and Pakistan.

The key recommendations to DFID for action in the fostering climate resilient coffee, tea and cotton value chains include the intervention strategies in the area of setting up stakeholder sustainable task forces in the sectors; assistance to certification of standards schemes for export commodities; training of stakeholders in climate resilient value chain strategies; and feasibility studies for pilot projects on sustainable agribusiness focused on coffee, tea and cotton. Solomon Islands: Public Finance Management, NZ Aid Programme, 2011—2013    Since September 2011, a Public Finance Management Advisor has been building the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources to manage resources efficiently and effectively. The quarterly report was submitted to the client in April 2013. ANZDEC Limited, Suite 1, Level 1, 123 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand