NZ-China Animal Health Programme


FCG ANZDEC is currently delivering an Animal Health Programme on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries for the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to support the development of China’s dairy production and to build animal health capability within China. The main objectives of the project are to observe farm management practices and training programmes that could be adapted to dairy farming in China; to develop an understanding of how farmers and veterinarians can work together to improve cow reproductive performance, nutritional management, cow health and milk quality and thereby contribute to enhanced levels of dairy production; and to identify systems and programmes to improve dairy clinical training and production skills of veterinarians that could be adapted to dairy farming in China.

The first and current phase involves a study tour which will host a delegation of selected experts from China to New Zealand and provide training and tours of facilities to enhance the knowledge of the delegation in dairy farming and veterinary practice within New Zealand. The photo above shows the delegation from China with the study tour Team Leader, Tim Harvey (centre) from NZ ProSmart Agriculture.