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Country Water Security Assessment Natural resources management 2015 - 2016 ADB Mongolia
Climate-Resilient Coastal Protection and Management Environment 2015 - 2018 ADB India
Strengthening Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific, Phase 2 Natural resources management 2011 - 2015 ADB / GEF Solomon Islands
Review of Disaster Resilience in the Philippines Environment 2015 World Bank Philippines
Mapping and Analysis of the Virgin Coconut Oil Value Chain in Samoa and Vanuatu Agriculture 2014 MFAT (NZ Aid) Vanuatu
Design of the Agriculture Sector Development Program Agriculture 2015 - 2016 ADB Nepal
Improving the Capacity of Domestic Farmers and Agro-Processors of the Cook Islands to Supply the Domestic Market with Safe and Nutritious Foods Agriculture 2015 - 2017 FAO Cook Islands
Climate Change Policy Framework for Palau Environment 2014 - 2015 SPC Palau
Irrigation Management Improvement Project – Muhuri Irrigation Management Operator Agriculture 2016 - 2020 Government of Bangladesh, ADB loan facility project Bangladesh
Fiji Livestock Sector Strategy Livestock 2015-2016 SPC Fiji