FCG ANZDEC are specialists in environmental and social assessments and management planning (SEA, IEE and EIA; gender, poverty, resettlement and indigenous peoples). We also specialize in institutional development (organizational development, management systems, training and capacity-building), governance and privatization, and project implementation management.

  • Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD)

    • Crop development
    • Livestock development
    • Fisheries development
    • Agribusiness / commercial agriculture development
    • Rural infrastructure
    • Rural microfinance and SMEs
    • Research and extension

  • Natural Resources Management (NRM)

    • Marine and coastal zone management
    • Water resources management
    • Forestry development
    • Biodiversity conservation and protected areas management
    • Land resource planning
    • Environmental planning and management

  • Other

    • Health
    • Education
    • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
    • Transport