Ana Ilić


Ana Ilic is FCG ANZDEC’s Chief Executive Officer. She is a Serbian by origin who lives and works in New Zealand. Ana’s educational background including Master of Commerce in Marketing (First Honours), University of Auckland; Master of Creative Writing, Auckland University of Technology; and Postgraduate Diploma in Management, University of Belgrade, has equipped her with business acumen and analytical skills. Over 15 years’ of combined experience in international development and management consulting has empowered Ana in strategic thinking and action, business development, and company and project management. Key areas of expertise include sector competitiveness (health, education, tourism and agriculture), policy development, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and small and medium enterprise development. Ana managed projects funded by Asian Development Bank, World Bank, USAID, and New Zealand Aid Programme, in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific. A blend of work in public sector (e.g., Auckland Regional Council), private sector (e.g., Booz Allen Hamilton), and non-government sector (e.g., Mercy Corps) has provided Ana with the broad view on the complexities of international development. Ana is actively involved in fundraising for ChildFund, New Zealand Cancer Society, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, and Serbian Church. She is a keen photographer and a writer of fiction, and loves to dance Argentinian tango.