Chris Landon-Lane

Chris Landon-Lane is an Associate for Rural and Natural Resource Development in FCG ANZDEC and holds a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics. Chris has provided consulting services to several bilateral, multilateral, and regional agencies in more than 20 countries across Asia, South America and the Pacific. He has worked in the fields of rural development, food and agribusiness value chain development, climate change adaptation, natural resources management, tourism, infrastructure, public and private sector policy and strategy, investment project design, appraisal and evaluation, and sustainable business development. Chris’ recent work on World Bank, Asian Development Bank and New Zealand government funded projects has focused on improving rural people’s livelihoods by strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural value chains. Chris managed his own horticulture business, served on the Australian Horticulture Export Council and was chairman of the State Organic Industry Association. He and his partner are currently developing an eco-tourism venture in Tasmania, in collaboration with the State Parks and Wildlife Department, and a non-government organization.